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  • The Physical and Visual Benefits of Popticals NYDEF® Golf

    by Popticals 4 min read

    Prepare for a visual revolution on the golf course with the latest NYDEF® Popticals golf sunglasses. Popticals are equipped with cutting-edge technology designed not only to shield your eyes from UVA and UVB rays but also to redefine how you perceive the golf course.

    Popticals’ premium Carl Zeiss lenses, renowned for their exceptional quality, go well beyond sun protection. These lenses minimize eye strain, provide impeccable clarity and depth perception, and unveil golf course subtleties previously unseen.

    Popticals recently gained the endorsement of renowned putting coach and optometrist Dr. Craig Farnsworth. With a distinguished track record of assisting over 150 professional golfers, including several major champions, in honing their putting skills and optimizing their vision, Dr. Farnsworth is an especially credible resource for golfers.

    Long a proponent of golfers wearing sunglasses, he had this to say about Popticals NYDEF® golf sunglasses:

    “I think that it's important for people to realize that they should wear sunglasses on the course full-time. This obviously provides protection, but people may not realize it helps with endurance. And, with Popticals distinctive tinting, you can actually see the golf course in a whole new way.”


    The Effect of Golf Sunglasses On The Eyes

    Upon donning Popticals eyewear, you'll experience an instant sense of relaxation in both your eyes and face. Golfers are prone to squinting on sunny days. With Popticals, that discomfort will cease. Since your vision and your physical comfort are interconnected, your entire body will soon follow suit, achieving a heightened sense of ease and relaxation.

    Dr. Farnsworth is a big believer in wearing golf sunglasses for this very reason:

    “People don't realize that if you don't wear glasses and you're squinting, you're not blinking as much and your eyes get dry. If your eyes are tired and you're doing that squint all day long that affects the rest of the body. So when some people say they kind of get gassed out over the last several holes of a round, what’s happened is they’ve gotten tired visually, and that’s affected them physically.”


    The top-tier lenses featured in Popticals, combined with their wraparound design, effectively block all potentially fatiguing sun rays from reaching your face, ensuring maximum facial relaxation.

    Wearing these glasses for the first time during your round, you'll experience heightened relaxation and newfound energy, unlike anything you've felt in the final holes of your previous rounds.

    Other Glasses Have Affected My Depth Perception, Will These Do the Same?

    When selecting golf eyewear, numerous options in the market claim to be tailored for the sport. However, it's crucial to note that many of these choices may prove more detrimental than beneficial.

    Perhaps you've experimented with alternative options only to discover that they compromise depth perception and your ability to sense the ground – two critical factors that can significantly impact your performance in golf.

    Wearing Popticals sunglasses won't affect your depth perception. Intentionally crafted as non-polarized, they allow light to pass through without flattening images. Additionally, these sunglasses are constructed with the utmost quality lenses to minimize distortion.

    Dr. Farnsworth agrees:

    “With Popticals, you've got great optics that will allow a huge majority of people to be able to play golf with improved depth perception.”


    The non-polarization is also very important to seeing reflected light that polarized lenses are built to block. This reflected light will help you see varying textures and conditions of the course.

    “I think that non-polarized is important for golf not only in affecting clarity but it also affects their peripheral vision , which can interfere with our game.
    It tends to shut down the periphery which is a key to relaxing the eyes and to be able to align better.”


    I See New Shades of Green, What Do They Mean?

    Once you are more relaxed with Popticals’ help, the next thing you will notice is how you see the golf course differently.
    Without golf sunglasses, there can be a large oversaturation of green which can impede your ability to see a course’ structure or different nuanced shades of the grass. Contours may be unrecognizable and a green might appear to all be the same shade of green.

    But with Popticals golf sunglasses, you will immediately notice different small patches of different shades which can give you very helpful information.

    Dr. Farnsworth weighs in:

    “The saturation of green on a course can leave you blind to its contours and, especially to the many nuances you will encounter once you reach the green. With Popticals, it’s like having a visual assistant from tee to green. It’s likely you will tell yourself, “I’ve never seen a golf course this way before.”


    Key Takeaways

    Revolutionary Technology: Popticals NYDEF® Golf Sunglasses give you revolutionary technology, providing a cutting-edge golf eyewear experience that goes beyond traditional UV protection on the course to provide new visual insight from tee to green.

    Immediate Relaxation: Experience instant relaxation upon wearing Popticals, eliminating squinting discomfort on sunny days and ensuring immediate comfort for your eyes and face.

    Uncompromised Depth Perception: Enjoy uncompromised depth perception with intentionally non-polarized lenses, addressing a common challenge faced by many golf eyewear options.

    Green Reading Enhancements: Popticals NYDEF® golf enhances green reading with their unique lenses, unveiling nuanced shades of green and providing valuable insights into course contours for improved decision-making.

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