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  • Key Features of Popticals NYDEF® Golf Sunglasses

    by Popticals 5 min read

    In golf, where precision is paramount, endurance can be the difference between a good and a lackluster day. Surprisingly, visual fatigue, a significant factor, often receives little attention.

    Dr. Craig Farnsworth, eye doctor and putting coach of over 150 professionals and several major champions, had this to say about visual fatigue and its impact on staying sharp through 18 holes:

    “If your eyes are tired and you're squinting all day long, that affects the rest of the body.

    So when some people say they kind of gassed out at the last, they may not understand that the visual and physical are tied together. They get tired visually and that eventually translates into wearing them out physically.”

    In addition to causing visual fatigue, the lush green of golf courses can hinder the distinction of essential features like gentle slopes, hidden hazards, or changes in grass height. Overlooking these nuances can substantially impact a golfer's performance in their pursuit of the perfect shot.

    While many companies tout their product as being appropriate for golf, their glasses may neither help players overcome visual fatigue nor offer the features to help them see the course in the way that supports their success.


    Popticals NYDEF® Golf Sunglasses

    Popticals Golf Sunglasses are a revolutionary solution designed to combat visual fatigue and enhance a golfer's ability to read the course with unmatched precision.

    Crafted in collaboration with optics industry leader Carl Zeiss Vision, our golf sunglasses feature golf-specific lenses that not only address the challenges of green oversaturation but elevate the entire golfing experience by providing clarity to every detail of the course. Popticals NYDEF® Golf performance sunglasses are a game-changer in the world of golf eyewear, offering a visual advantage that can be as important as your swing or club selection.

    Lenses Crafted To Help You Score Better

    The unique purple and violet tint of NYDEF® Golf lenses work to reduce the otherwise overwhelming green saturation, allowing golfers to distinguish subtle variations in shades more easily. This enhancement becomes crucial when identifying the nuances of the course, such as taller grass, elevations, valleys, and subtle slopes that might otherwise go unseen. As players set their sights on the perfect shot, Popticals NYDEF® Golf lenses ensure optimized coloration that sharpens contrast, enabling a clearer view of the topography and strengthening depth perception.

    Dr. Farnsworth had this to say:

    “Popticals NYDEF® Golf Sunglasses filter out the green that permeates golf courses, and gives more definition to the subtleties of the slopes. This helps not only for putting but also across the course, with golfers being able to discern depth better on any shot.”

    Unlike polarized lenses that flatten the image and affect depth perception, NYDEF® golf lenses are intentionally non-polarized. This deliberate choice preserves the golfer's ability to see reflected light, aiding in distinguishing between various textures and conditions on the course. The result is a heightened visual experience that goes beyond traditional sunglasses–including other golf-branded eyewear– empowering golfers to navigate the course with confidence and precision.


    Built For Comfort, Performance and Portability

    At the core of Popticals NYDEF® Golf Sunglasses is a commitment both to elevate performance and redefine comfort and durability in golf eyewear. The frames, meticulously designed and handcrafted in Italy, boast a revolutionary material known as Grilamid TR90. This material makes the frames light, flexible, and remarkably durable.

    Grilamid TR90, recognized as the lightest engineering plastic on the planet, offers a 16% reduction in density compared to other polymers like polycarbonate. This feather-light construction sets a new standard for lightweight eyewear, ensuring that golfers can focus on the game without the distraction of heavy frames.

    Popticals frames are not just about lightweight comfort; they also embody a practical and protective design. The wraparound structure of the frames is deliberate, providing not only a secure fit but also maximum coverage. This design serves a critical purpose: shielding the eyes from harmful sun rays, wind and dust, thus helping to minimize visual fatigue. The wraparound design ensures that golfers can navigate the course with clear vision, unimpeded by glare, excessive light or weather conditions. In addition, the wraparound design also ensures golfers maintain their peripheral vision.

    All Popticals sunglasses also feature patented portability. Our FL2 Micro-Rail System™ uses stainless steel pins that move along a track within the frames for smooth and effortless movement. A powerful magnet guides and locks the connecting pieces in the center of the frames to create a secure and solid connection when in use. When you’re ready to pack your Popticals, you just pull lightly at the connection point to collapse them for storage in their ultra-sturdy case, designed to fit easily and securely in your pocket or golf bag.

    Key Takeaways

    Visual Fatigue Awareness: Dr. Craig Farnsworth underscores the critical impact of visual fatigue on golf performance, emphasizing the interconnectedness of tired eyes and overall physical strain during play. Overworked eyes, frequently squinting and subject to the elements, can be one reason why golfers often complain about feeling tired toward the end of a round.

    Overcoming Green Oversaturation Through Innovative Lens Technology: The lush green coloration of golf courses, while visually appealing, can hinder a golfer's ability to discern essential features. Popticals NYDEF® Golf Sunglasses address this challenge, providing clarity for improved shot precision. With their purposeful purple and violet tint, these lenses reduce the green saturation inherent in golf courses. This in turn aids in distinguishing subtle shades, enhances depth perception, and allows players to see critical course features otherwise not visible to them.

    Non-Polarized Advantage: Unlike polarized lenses, NYDEF® golf lenses maintain depth perception by preserving the ability to see reflected light. This deliberate choice by the Popticals design team empowers golfers to navigate course textures with confidence and precision.

    Comfort and Performance in Frames: Crafted with Grilamid TR90, the world’s lightest engineered plastic, Popticals frames set a new standard for lightweight eyewear. The wraparound design ensures a secure fit, provides maximum coverage, and shields eyes from harmful rays, minimizing visual fatigue for an optimal golfing experience.

    An Essential Tool for Golfers: Popticals NYDEF® Golf Sunglasses –designed specifically for golf– provide critical support for golfers’ endurance, perception and shot selection. As such, they can be as essential a tool as anything golfers take to the course. Our combination of premier golf-specific lenses, durable frames and unique portability makes Popticals Golf Sunglasses the right choice for discerning golfers.

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