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  • Emerging Premium Eyewear Brand POPTICALS Hits Repeated Milestones with Product Introductions, Design Awards and New Learning Center

    May 31, 2024 7 min read


    Popticals drives rapid expansion and growth in competitive sunglasses market, all within eight months of launch. Recent accomplishments include new POPZULU ballistic sunglasses; international design recognition; and the Popticals NYDEF Golf Learning Center.

    ST. LOUIS, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Popticals, an emerging premium sunglasses and eyewear brand, has a host of accomplishments to its credit since launching less than a year ago. Over the past eight months, the innovative sunglasses company has expanded their product line to include a ballistics and workplace safety collection (complementing its golf-specific sunglasses, as well as its active lifestyle eyewear) and launched the Popticals NYDEF Golf Learning Center. What's more, the company was just honored with the coveted international A' Design Award, which highlights the best design-oriented products worldwide.

    Working as a husband-and-wife duo with a handful of advisors and contractors, Gary and Dana DiSalvo launched Popticals in September 2023 to national acclaim, earning solid reviews and coverage in Golf Digest, Forbes, ESPN, GearJunkie and more. Since then, they've been driving rapid expansion and growth necessary to thrive in the competitive sunglasses and eyewear market.

    Popticals sunglasses include a combination of features unlike any of their competitors. Made in Italy, Popticals incorporate Italian artisanal frame design with NYDEF® nylon-based lenses from Zeiss Vision, a leading company in optics technology, that enhance performance without sacrificing style. Popticals sunglasses also integrate a patented FL2 Micro-Rail System technology for one-of-a-kind collapsibility that makes them easily portable (they fold up to fit in the palm of a hand) and safely packable in small spaces (like a pocket).

    Popticals feature 11 different frame styles with a variety of lens variations all intended to provide a broad, dynamic range of sunglasses that reflect every person's unique individuality. Now with eyewear made specifically for golf, shooting sports, and workplace safety, in addition to everyday, active lifestyle sunglasses, Popticals offer the perfect combination of quality, style, and convenience.

    "People wear sport-specific shoes to enhance performance, which is a concept we believe should extend to the eyes," said Dana DiSalvo, COO of Popticals. "We make sport-specific sunglasses and eyewear because wearing the right sunglasses reduces eye fatigue, enhances vision and amplifies performance. Popticals lenses heighten vision and clarity on the golf course, ski slope, when fishing or hunting, or anytime."

    Popticals have been well-received since they launched just eight months ago, during which time the company has achieved the following successes:

    September 2023 – Popticals sunglasses come to market
    On September 28, 2023, Popticals introduced its diverse lineup of distinctively convenient premium eyewear tailored to fit the lives of active, engaged individuals. The initial lineup included sunglasses in 10 different lens and frame selections in four categories: (1) everyday active lifestyle, (2) golf, (3) fishing and (4) skiing. See news release for more details.

    October 16, 2023 – Popticals partners with Mossy Oak
    On October 16, 2023, Mossy Oak – the leader in camouflage patterns for outdoor lifestyle – together with Popticals, announced their partnership to introduce an exciting selection of Popticals sunglasses with the Mossy Oak's iconic Break-Up Country pattern, which is America's #1 camo pattern of choice! The Mossy Oak Break-Up Country pattern uses larger limbs, leaves, bark, branches and other digitally enhanced natural elements to annihilate the wearer's outline and fuses with the terrain like no pattern that has come before it.

    The popular camouflage pattern is found on four frame styles offered by Popticals: PopGear, PopH20, PopSign, and PopStar. The Popticals' Mossy Oak collection not only offers customers a range of frame styles, but also lenses specifically for use when hiking, hunting or fishing. With durable construction and polarized lenses, these sunglasses are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures while providing optimal clarity and protection. This partnership combines Mossy Oak's outdoor expertise with Popticals' commitment to quality and innovation, making for a vision enhancing, performance-amplifying, easy-to-pack pair of sunglasses for the outdoorsman. See news release for more details.

    November and December 2023 – Popticals gains media accolades
    As the holiday season approached, Popticals garnered immediate and abundant attention in the media. Editors took notice and the sunglasses brand garnered interviews, coverage and reviews in Forbes, ESPN, GearJunkie, the St. Louis Business Journal, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sophisticated Living, Terrain Magazine, and in an extended list of golfing/sports magazines and podcasts, including Golf Digest, Golf Vacations, In The Fairway and Shooting Illustrated.

    January 4, 2024 – Popticals is finalist at PGA Show's ING Awards for Product Ingenuity
    On January 4, 2024, Popticals was honored as a finalist at the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) Show during the International Network of Golf's (ING) Industry Honors Award program in the "Product Ingenuity" category. Considered the "Academy Awards of the Golf Industry," the ING awards recognize outstanding achievements in the golf business. Click here for more details.

    January 23, 2024 – The Putt Doctor endorses Popticals NYDEF Golf sunglasses
    On January 23, 2024, Popticals announced that Dr. Craig Farnsworth, "The Putt Doctor," endorsed its NYDEF Golf sunglasses as a valuable tool for enhancing golfers' visual perception and contributing to enhanced endurance on the golf course. Farnsworth, an optometrist and renowned putting coach who has worked with more than 150 professional golfers, including several major champions, said Popticals can enrich the experience of golfers at every skill level and improve their game.

    Popticals NYDEF Golf sunglasses are designed specifically for golfers and stand out as an essential aid in helping them to read golf courses and maintain their endurance throughout their rounds. To enrich golfers' visual perception, Popticals NYDEF® Golf sunglasses feature Zeiss Vision violet and purple tints to reduce the saturation of the color green, which can obscure course contours and grain patterns on putting surfaces. Farnsworth said many golfers historically did not wear sunglasses because it's a practice they didn't see among pro golfers, who once thought that wearing sunglasses could reduce their individuality and recognition among fans. That, he said, is changing.

    "We're seeing some of the top professionals wear sunglasses whenever they are playing," Farnsworth said. "To me, it's inarguable that all golfers should do the same. Obviously, they provide protection against sun and wind, which is important unto itself. What many golfers don't think about is the visual fatigue that results from being in the sun and squinting. It contributes to the physical fatigue they are likely to feel toward the end of their round."

    He said Popticals' lightweight, Italian-designed frame – weighing in at about one ounce – and the wraparound styling that provides full eye coverage and preserves peripheral vision, provides exceptional UV400 protection and enhances golfers' endurance on the course. While many sunglasses may provide basic protection from the sun, few offer features designed specifically to enrich golfers' interpretation of the course and help support improvement in their game. This, according to Farnsworth, is what sets Popticals far apart from other sunglasses. See news release for more details.

    February 1, 2024 – Popticals launches the NYDEF Golf Learning Center
    Concurrent to Popticals' endorsement by Farnsworth, "The Putt Doctor," the two forces launched the Popticals NYDEF Golf Learning Center, a resource where golfers can find tips to enrich their game, information on visual endurance, and insights on how best to utilize Popticals NYDEF Golf sunglasses to their maximum benefit. The site also offers golf tips from Dr. Farnsworth and other expert contributors to use in their pursuit of this great, lifelong sport. Visit the NYDEF Golf Learning Center at popticals.com/nydefgolf for more details.

    March 2024 – Popticals expands sales internationally; Offers "Try Before You Buy"
    Having fielded inquires and requests from around the world, Popticals expands sales beyond the United States to the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. In addition, the company launched "Try Before You Buy," a proven method for increasing engagement, instilling confidence and reassuring buyers. This concept offers customers a hassle-free way to discover their ideal style and fit from the comfort of their own homes, without any initial payment. Customers only pay for the items they choose to keep. Additionally, the service includes free returns, ensuring that customers can send back any items they do not wish to keep at no extra cost.

    April 2024 – Popticals honored with A' Design Award
    Popticals was honored with a coveted International A' Design Award, which highlights the best designed products worldwide. Based in Italy, the A' Design Award & Competition offers worldwide recognition, promotion and reach for exceptional designs. The A' Design Award highlights excellence, providing a platform for designers to be recognized by their peers and industry leaders. Winning or even being shortlisted in these awards is a significant endorsement of design creativity and innovation, marking a stamp of quality that distinguishes them in the field.

    May 13, 2024 – Popticals launches POPZULU ballistics and safety eyewear
    On May 13, 2024, Popticals announced the launch of POPZULU ballistics and safety eyewear providing the ultimate ally in tactical and industrial eye protection. Built for the shooting industry's exacting needs and adaptable for comprehensive workplace safety, POPZULU is designed around both protection and comfort with the ANSI Z87.1+ and MIL PRF 32432 ballistic-impact ratings in mind. The impact-resistant lenses are available in three different tones – gray, clear and orange – to cover different lighting conditions or shooting applications, as well as personal preference.

    The lenses are crafted by Carl Zeiss Vision and are five times more resistant to hits and stresses compared to the typical polycarbonate lens material found in most eyewear. Besides the impact resistance, they feature a tough, scratch-resistant outer layer. Popticals POPZULU eyewear is designed with ultra-lightweight frames to reduce wearer fatigue, especially during extended range or training sessions. To better fit wearers, they're equipped with an adjustable nose piece and strap. Finally, the frame is completely collapsable to approximately one-quarter size for easy storage. See news release for more details.

    "Creating sunglasses and eyewear that caters to the specific needs of sports enthusiasts is the next evolutional breakthrough Popticals is driving as the premium, collapsible eyewear provider," said Gary DiSalvo, owner and CEO of Popticals. "At Popticals, we embrace an adventurous lifestyle and aim to create sunglasses that are a functional, performance-enhancing accessory. POPTICALS eyewear ensures you'll see your target clearer than ever and experience vision without boundaries."

    About Popticals:
    Popticals is a breakthrough in sunglasses, providing exceptional quality and unique portability. Made in Italy, Popticals feature nylon-based NYDEF® lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision and a patented technology that enables one-of-a-kind collapsibility that makes them easily packed and carried. Lightweight and available in a broad array of styles, Popticals are indispensable to the lives of their active, engaged and discerning users. To learn more, visit: popticals.com

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    Elaina Boudreau, BELA Communications, (913) 660-0548, eboudreau@belapr.com 

    Joe Wieczorek, The Media Group, 847-956-9090, joe@themediagroupinc.com 

    SOURCE Popticals

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