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What You Get


  • Patented FL2 Micro-Rail System® allows the sunglasses to compact down to a small size, keeping them safe from damage in their custom case
  • Compact hard-shell case specifically engineered for PopStorm offering unmatched portability & protection; easily slipped into a pocket or clipped to a backpack
  • NYDEF™ Nylon Lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision are significantly clearer and 18% lighter in weight than polycarbonate lenses for optimal performance
  • Swiss Grilamid TR 90 frames provide long-lasting durability, resistance to extreme temperatures, and a comfortable lightweight fit
  • Complete UV protection filters out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic lens technology repels water, oil, sweat and dust for distortion-free vision
  • Scratch, impact, shatter resistant lenses keep your eyes safe and vision free of distortion
  • Wrap-around design provides a great fit for outdoor activities and all-around protection
  • Patented FL2 Micro-Rail System® features stainless steel linkages for durability and performance
  • Engineered in USA, Handcrafted in Italy

FL2 Micro-Rail System®

Sunglasses get scratched and broken. Popticals don’t thanks to the FL2 Micro-Rail System that allows the lenses the slide inward and the glasses to be stored inside a compact case. Pack Small. Live Big.

NYDEF™ Nylon Lenses

Nylon lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision provide next-level quality and performance. The nylon construction offers a significantly clearer lens than polycarbonate with 18% less weight.

Designed & Handcrafted in Italy

Popticals are proudly designed and masterfully crafted in Italy. Each pair is then assembled, painted and finished by hand with a keen eye for detail. The result is a premium, beautiful final product that’s as eye catching as it is innovative.
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