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Tech Specs


Made with the best materials and the Popticals patented design with built in FL2 Micro-Rail System®, our frames are the perfect synthesis of strength and lightweight portability.

FL2 Micro-Rail System®

At the core of our patented design is the FL2 Micro-Rail System®. Built into the frames, the track and stainless steel pins allow the lenses to slide in parallel to each other for compact storage. This gives Popticals their unique portability while offering premium sports performance. A powerful magnet guides the connecting pieces in the center of the frames for quick and effortless deployment. The entire FL2 Micro-Rail System® is made from corrosion and rust-proof materials to ensure durable, long-lasting functionality.

The Grilamid® TR 90

The Grilamid® TR 90 material used in our frames combines the incredible strength of a semi-crystalline polyamide with the amazing flexibility of an amorphous thermoplastic to create the ultimate lightweight yet durable frames.


Popticals frames are amazingly flexible (all those yoga classes must have paid off). Flexible frames mean two things: a wonderfully comfortable wrap-around fit, and a forgiving resilience that prevents cracks and breakage.


Popticals are not just tough, they are TR 90 tough. Incredibly strong due to their flexible construction, our frames are extremely impact and fracture-resistant. The polyamide material provides exceptional shock absorption and tensile strength.


Solid, stylish, and curiously light, Popticals won't weigh you down. The TR 90 frames are around 20% lighter than other plastics, so you're more than likely to forget you have them on.


Popticals come with cutting-edge Polyamide lenses to protect your eyes and enhance your vision. The lenses are polarized, scratch and impact-resistant, filter out all UV rays and are lightweight to create the ultimate high-performance sunglasses.


Keep your eyes on the prize, without the squinting. Our polarized lenses eliminate virtually all glare, allowing you to see with enhanced contrast and definition, distortion-free color, and crystal clear vision in every condition.

Complete UV Protection

UV400 protection filters out 100% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. Combined with the wrap-around style that blocks stray light from entering through the sides, Popticals offer superior eye protection.

Ri-Pel® Lens Technology

Our easy to clean lenses utilize hydrophobic and oleophobic Ri-Pel® technology, making them completely repellent to dirt, oil, dust and water. The Ri-Pel® lens treatment ensures superior, long-lasting performance and durability, even in the most extreme conditions.

Scratch, Impact and Shatter-Resistant

Our lenses are scratch-resistant to keep your vision clear and your Popticals looking great. Impact and shatter resistance make them durable, protective windshields for your eyes that can absorb impact of a steel ball traveling at a speed of 100mph, though we recommend not trying that test at home (or at all).

Meets ANSI Standards

Popticals meet the American ANSI Z80-3 sunglass standards.

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