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Tania Tare is a professional golfer and trick shot artist. She currently plays on the ALPG (Australasian Ladies Professional Golf) tour, Symetra Tour and several tournaments throughout the United States including LPGA qualifiers. When she’s not on the golf course, Tare is dreaming up and filming elaborate trick shots for her audience of nearly 100,000 on Instagram. Her creative and skillful videos have been featured in Golf Digest, the Golf Channel, and many more. event.

Why Tania Chooses Popticals:

"When it comes to the Popticals, the lens is crisp and so clear. The clarity is pure. Which is perfect because with golf, being able to see/read minimal contours in the greens is important. Its also important to be able to see the ball full stop sometimes. But my ultimate favorite part of the glasses is actually the compact design and the case it comes with. I keep them clipped on to my golf bags and they often get thrown around and to know that my glasses won’t get damaged in the process of all that means I’m more willing to take them everywhere with me. Often with my previous glasses, I would strictly not even take them on the course in case they got damaged or lost. Now I actually don’t have to worry about that at all, and that really makes a big difference."
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