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Hiking Sunglasses

Whether you’re solo-trekking the highest peaks or just hitting the trail on the weekend, hiking offers an experience of the great outdoors like no other. When it’s just you and the open trail, there’s only room for the most essential gear. Popticals provide the ultimate sunglasses for adventure with vision enhancing lenses and patented design that’s made to keep them from getting scratched and broken.

Pack Small. Live Big.

  • Patented for Packability – Our patented design allows the sunglasses to compact down to a small size for easy, safe storage.
  • A Case for Adventure – When you’re not using them, each pair of Popticals stays safe inside a small, durable case that easily fits in any pocket or clips on to a backpack with the included carabiner.

Optics That go the Distance

  • A View Like No Other – Significantly clearer than polycarbonate, our NDYEF™ nylon lenses made by Carl Zeiss Vision allow you to see every mile of the journey in stunning clarity at a fraction of the weight.
  • All-Weather Performance – Our Ri-Pel hydrophobic coating sheds water, oil and dust to ensure your vision stays clear no matter what mother nature throws at you.

Designed for the Trail

  • Trail Head to Summit Comfort – With frames made from ultralight TR90 material, you’ll forget you even have them on.
  • Protection from Every Angle – Wrap-around design keeps sunlight out so you can keep your eyes on the trail.
“When I put sunglasses under my microscope, Popticals are my eyewear of choice. It’s the only brand I’ve found that provides superior performance, great protection and folds down so small that it actually fits in the palm of my hand. My pocket space is always at a premium. I never have enough of it. And while most sunglass cases are getting bigger and bulkier, it's nice to have a compact little case that easily fits in a shirt pocket or jacket and takes up very little room. My Popticals case has bounced around in the bottom of my boat, bounced off of rocks around the river, rattled around in the cab of my truck and has kept my glasses safe." Greg Hatten, River Guide and Wooden Drift Boat Builder
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