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Golf Sunglasses

Protect your eyes with premium sports-sunglasses from tee off to the last putt.

Golf is a game of precision and being able to accurately read the course can make or break your game. Golf courses are filled with challenges that are critical to play around or through, but the eye is often overwhelmed by high saturation of green light which makes the ground difficult to read. The slightest differences in the shades of green that indicate taller grass, elevations and valleys can easily be overlooked. Having high-performance eyewear to tackle these obstacles is just as important as having the right club or perfecting your stroke.

What Makes NYDEF™ Golf Different?

Popticals partnered with optics industry leader Carl Zeiss Vision to create golf-specific lenses that bring visual precision to every golfer. NYDEF™ GOLF lenses feature purple and violet tints to reduce the green saturation of the course, allowing the different shades of green to be more easily distinguished.

  • Enhanced Contrast – Optimized coloration and sharper contrast helps you see the topography of the course clearly while also enabling better tracking and visibility of the ball.
  • Non-Polarized, On Purpose – Polarized lenses flatten the image you see and affect depth perception. NYDEF™ GOLF keeps depth of field intact and allows you to see reflected light that helps distinguish between varying textures and conditions of the course.
  • Clearer. Lighter. Better. – Nylon construction makes NYDEF™ GOLF significantly clearer and lighter in weight than polycarbonate lenses used in most other sunglasses.

NYDEF™ Golf On The Fairway

NYDEF™ GOLF enhances your ability to identify the subtle details that can often be hard to read among the many similar shades of the greens.

  • Never Misread the Greens Again – Make the right call, every time. NYDEF GOLF reveals contours, ridges and grain patterns by helping to lessen the saturation of the greens.
  • See Every Blade of Grass – Light reflecting off the blades of grass can give you critical information about the direction of the grain. Unlike polarized lenses, NYDEF GOLF allows you to see these reflections, and adjust your shots accordingly.
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