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Out on the lake, stream, or ocean, Popticals are the most innovative and cutting-edge sunglasses for fishing. Our patented design allows for safe, convenient storage so you never damage your fishing sunglasses again. NyDef™ Fishing lenses offer a whole new level of optical clarity that enhances your vision on the water.

Popticals Stay Safe In The Case™

Traditional wrap-around sunglasses usually end up scratched or damaged because there’s no convenient and safe place to keep them. Popticals has a bold solution that keeps your sunglasses in one-piece trip after trip.

  • Pack Small. Live Big® – Our patented design allows Popticals to compact down to a small size, keeping them safe from damage in their custom case.
  • Safe in the Case – The compact hard-shell case offering unmatched portability & protection and is easily slipped into a pocket.

The NYDEF™ Fishing Difference

Popticals partnered with optics industry leader Carl Zeiss Vision to give fisherman a clear advantage out on the water with next level of optics.

  • No More Second Guessing – The ability to spot fish while trolling the bank is key to successful fishing. Our nylon NYDEF™ FISHING lenses are significantly clearer than our competitors’ polycarbonate lenses. This increased clarity allows for better sight into the water, saving precious time by seeing exactly what’s there on the first glance.
  • Polarization, Perfected – Polarized lenses are a must when it comes to fishing. NYDEF™ FISHING’s advanced polarization virtually eliminates glare reflected from the surface of the water. The result is being able to clearly see deeper into the water and reduce eye strain.

Durable and Lightweight

  • Ultralight Comfort – Made with Swiss Grilamid TR 90, Popticals are incredibly lightweight for comfortable all-day use.
  • Long-Lasting Durability – Strong and durable, our frames are resistant to extreme temperatures and warping for a consistent fit.
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