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Biking Sunglasses

From your wheels to your helmet, every piece of gear helps you ride faster, push harder, and go farther. It’s critical to have eyewear that allows you to clearly read the terrain and make split-second adjustments. Popticals give you the optical performance for ripping a single track or the pedaling the backcountry, and a portable storage solution for your sunglasses when it’s time for a pit-stop.

Innovative Eyegear

  • Designed for Portability – Using our patented technology, Popticals compact down for easy, portable storage. Normal sunglasses have nowhere to go when you’re not wearing them, but Popticals easily fit inside a pocket or bag when you’re not riding or the lighting conditions change.
  • Go-Anywhere Protective Case – Our tough as nails hard-shell case keeps your sunglasses from getting scratched and broken without the extra bulk. Clip it on your bike or throw it in your pack and ride on.

Precision and Protection

  • Unrivaled ClarityNYDEF™ Nylon lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision provide significantly clearer vision than polycarbonate, allowing you to see an enhanced level of detail in the terrain while you ride.
  • Protection from Every Angle – The wrap-around style offers complete coverage and protects your eyes from sunlight, wind, stray branches and debris even when riding high speeds.
  • Windshields for Your Eyes – Ri-Pel hydrophobic lens technology repels water, oil and dust to give you a clear view of what’s ahead in any conditions.
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