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Safe In The Case

After we developed our patented compact design, we created the ultimate carrying case for our sunglasses. Tough enough to take a hit but small enough to fit in your pocket, the Popticals case will change how to you use and carry your sunglasses.

Pack Small. Live Big.®

No matter what you love to do outdoors, our case gives you an easy to carry way to keep your sunglasses from getting scratched and broken. Cases for other sunglasses are too bulky to be carried around. The Popticals case is small enough to take with you anywhere with no hassle.

  • True Portability - Our small carrying case is designed to fit just about anywhere. It can be easily kept in a pocket, fishing vest, hand bag or ski jacket to keep your sunglasses safe in the case when you’re not using them. Each frame style of Popticals has its own custom hard-shell case and is made to be as small as possible.
  • Convenient Clip - Our case easily attaches anywhere with the included carabiner clip for added accessibility on the go. Clip it to a belt loop, backpack, golf bag or climbing harness.

Armor for Your Eyewear

Our cases aren’t just made to be small, they’re built to keep your Popticals in one piece, no matter what you do, or where you go. Made from incredibly durable plastic, Italian leather and neoprene materials, our cases give you peace of mind that your sunglasses stay safe during any activity.

  • Made to Take a Hit - Made from high impact resistant plastics, our cases protect your sunglasses against bumps, drops and just about everything else.
  • Always Safe in the Case - Even at the bottom of a fully-packed backpack or bouncing around the floor of a truck, the Popticals case keep your sunglasses from being crushed.
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