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Problem & Solution

The Problem: Sunglasses Get Scratched & Broken

From the moment you step outside whether you’re going for a run, trekking the backcountry or teeing up on the golf course, you need great sunglasses. Being active outdoors means spending a lot of time in the sun and even on overcast days, your eyes can get sunburned by harmful UV light. Having the right gear is important, especially when it comes to eyewear to protect and enhance your vision. Long story short: if you’re active outside, you need great wrap-around sunglasses to do the things you love.

The problem with wrap-around sunglasses is they constantly get scratched and broken because there’s no place to keep them when you take them off. You set them down somewhere, hang them from your shirt, put them on top of your head and... boom. They get scratched. They break. You don’t want to use the giant case the sunglasses came with, so you settle for having scratched up lenses and frustration of always having to get new sunglasses.

But Popticals are here to change all of that.

The Solution: Popticals Stay Safe in the Case™

We developed a patented technology that’s created a new category for sports sunglasses. Using our innovative design featuring the FL2 Micro-Rail System, Popticals compact down to fit inside a small, protective case when not in use. This durable yet portable storage solution allows you to keep Popticals safe in the case when you’re not using them and easily take them anywhere. The ability to safely store premium wrap-around sunglasses without the fear of scratching them will forever change the way you use and carry your sunglasses.

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