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NYDEF™ Optics

When you’re outdoors doing what you love, optics matter. From hiking incredible mountain trails, fishing your favorite lake or shredding a single-track on your bike, your vision plays a critical role and defines your outdoor experience. Having eyewear with high-performance lenses that protects and enhances your vision is a must for anyone that’s passionate about spending time outside.

See the NYDEF™ Difference

In choosing lenses for our sunglasses, we wanted to create a product with performance above and beyond what we saw out on the market. That’s why we partnered with optics industry leader Carl Zeiss Vision to create NYDEF™ lenses. Using a nylon construction, NYDEF™ lenses offer game-changing performance and visual enhancement unlike anything you’ve seen before.

  • Superior Clarity - NYDEF™ lenses use a nylon construction material that offer a significant boost in clarity compared to polycarbonate used in most other sunglass lenses. Nylon has an incredibly high material pureness, causing less light correction and a greater overall clarity when compared to polycarbonate. Enhanced clarity means better vision and higher performance, allowing you to see deeper below the surface of the water when fishing, spot more details when hiking trails, more accurately read golf greens, and improve every experience you have outdoors.
  • Clearer Vision, Less Strain - When you're outside looking through lenses all day long, poor clarity can take a toll on your eyes. This leads to eye strain, fatigue, blurred vision and headaches. The superior clarity of NYDEF™ lenses keeps your eyes relaxed and focused on what’s in front of you.
  • Ultralight Comfort - Our lenses provide stunning clarity while still being one of the lightest on the planet. The ultralight weight rests easy on the face for a comfortable fit you can wear all day. The lighter weight provides comfortable fit you’ll notice immediately, but often forget you have them on.
Lens Feature NYDEF™ Glass Lens Polycarbonate Lens
Material Weight 5
(1.01 g/cm3)
(2.5 g/cm3)
(1.20 g/cm3)
Abbe Number
The higher the rate, the lower chromatic aberration that can create a blurring or smearing effect on objects viewed.
(Abbe n°52)
(Abbe n°49-50)
(Abbe n°30)
Refractive Index
The higher the rate, the less light correction.
5 scale rate where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent
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