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For most people, traveling is something of a special occasion. A vacation once or twice a year, an annual company trip. But for you, traveling isn’t just getting from here to there. Travel is a lifestyle. It’s a passion for experiencing as much of the world as possible. You’re always on the move for business, for pleasure, and everything in between.

Pack Small & Live Big on Every Trip

You have the art of packing for each trip down to a science; if it’s not portable, durable, and absolutely necessary, it gets left behind. Every inch of storage space counts, and You know exactly what will and won’t make it through a trip in one piece. The must-have items you never leave home without are high-quality pieces that are made to travel.

  • The Ultimate Travel Sunglasses - Popticals compact design is a game-changer when it comes to packing your sunglasses. Our innovative FL2 Micro-Rail System® allows the lenses to slide together for a portable, travel-friendly size.
  • Built for Packability - Popticals stay safe in the case™ to ensure you never scratch or break your sunglasses while traveling again. Incredibly durable but small enough to fit in your pocket, our case changes the way you carry and store your eyewear.

See the World with NYDEF™ Clarity.

From the moment you step off the plane, your sunglasses are on. Being a savvy traveler, you know eye protection is a must no matter where in the world you are. You’ve traveled thousands of miles around the globe to experience the culture, taste the food, and, of course, see the sights. Scratched lenses are the last thing you want because when you’re seeing the most incredible parts of the world, you want the clearest view possible.

  • World-Class Quality with NYDEF™ - From the heights of the Swiss Alps to the streets of Paris, NYDEF™ lenses give you the best view no matter where your travels take you. Our nylon lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision offer a clearer lens than other sunglasses while remaining ultralight weight.
  • Designed for Excellence in Italy - Every pair of Popticals is designed, painted, and finished by hand in Italy. This elevated level of detail and craftsmanship in production gives Popticals a distinctly premium feel and a superior level of quality.
"For outdoor enthusiasts, those necessities include sports sunglasses, which can be cumbersome and a challenge to keep from breaking. Popticals, winner of the Show’s Buzz Award, are portable, premium wrap-around sunglasses that fold into a durable little case you can take anywhere. This high-performance eyewear is a vision in ingenuity." USA TODAY
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