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For some people, spending time outdoors is as necessary as breathing. There’s a primal urge that draws you into pre-dawn trips deep into the woods, leaving your worries and phone behind. Camouflaged into the background, you can watch as the forest wakes up unaware of your presence. Weekend trips out in the wild tracking deer, reeling in a big bass or just telling stories by the campfire is always time well spent.

Gear That Stays Safe in the Case™

When you’re outside, the gear you bring can make a world of difference. Warm or cool, rain or shine, you depend on your equipment without a second thought to protect you from the elements and enhance the experience. Everything you carry has to be light, effective in doing its job, and able to last the day.

  • Game-Changing Portability - We don’t just say our sunglasses our different, we show it. The unique FL2 Micro-Rail System® lets the sunglasses compact down to take up less space and easily fit inside a hunting jacket or pants pocket.
  • Tough-as-Nails Case - Popticals store inside an incredibly durable and lightweight case that keeps the lenses from getting scratched when you take them off. The portable hard-shell case means Popticals ready when you need them, and stay safe in the case™ when you don't.

NYDEF™ Optics for Enhanced Vision

You never leave home without the right eyewear to protect your vision from long hours out in the sun and the occasional tree branch. All your gear is made with performance in mind, and your sunglasses are no different. High-performance optics allow you to track every bit of movement while protecting your eyes from the elements.

  • Superior Optics - NYDEF™ lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision provide better clarity and contrast so you can see every branch and blade of grass with a noticeably enhanced level of detail. Made using nylon to be a cut above the competition, our lenses are significantly clearer and 18% lighter in weight than polycarbonate lenses.
  • Made with Mossy Oak - Popticals partnered with Mossy Oak® to create high-performance sunglasses using the most popular camo patterns in the world. Break-Up Country adds a distinct and recognized style.
"Sunglasses — if they’re not on our heads, they are easily sat on, flung off, scratched, or lost. As the Transformers of eyewear, Popticals makes sunglasses that fold down and slip into a hard case for easy carry, compact storage, and protection. The case is about a third of the size of common types, freeing up space in your pack or glovebox." Recoil OffGrid Magazine
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