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Finishing up your morning yoga session in the park, you take a look around. Tall trees and green grass balance out the background of skyscrapers and bustling city streets. The natural oasis among the city parallels your own style: active, strong but never without a distinct urban chic. You gather your things and head off on foot for quick coffee with friends.

An Everyday Essential That Stays Safe In the Case

You work as hard as you play, and every accessory you carry has to be portable enough to keep pace with you. Among the daily essentials are your double wall vacuum insulated water bottle, fitness tracker and your favorite pair of sunglasses.

  • Portable and Practical - Having your sunglasses on hand is a must. But most sunglasses are a pain to carry around. Our patented compact design using the FL2 Micro-Rail System® allows the sunglasses to be stored in a small size, saving space inside your bag or easily carried with you anywhere.
  • Peace of Mind, Not Broken Pieces - Sunglasses rested on your head or tossed in your bag end up damaged. Popticals stay safe in the case so you never worry about scratched lenses or broken frames again.

Premium Italian Style & Quality

Just like the rest of your gear, your sunglasses need to have style and a high level of performance. For busy days like this one, wrap-around sunglasses are your eyewear of choice. Just protection isn’t enough; you need exceptional lenses so you can see every detail of your day in crystal-clear clarity. Everything you carry with you is made for performance on the go, and you’re not one for compromise.

  • Advanced Eye Protection - Protecting your vision throughout all your daily activities is important. NYDEF™ nylon lenses and wrap-around style keeps your eyes safe in any lighting conditions. The ultralight weight of Popticals are so comfortable, you’ll forget you even have them on.
  • Handcrafted in Italy - Each pair of Popticals are masterfully crafted and finished by hand in Italy. Premium Italian design and manufacturing give our sunglasses an unparalleled level of quality.
"Besides having incredible lenses, the real secret sauce of Popticals is their patented FL2 Micro-Rail System® which allows the glasses the fold down small, for storage in a custom case. I loved that when I was using the Popticals, they felt and performed like other nice glasses in my collection but when I was done with them, I could quickly and easily pack them away in a protected case. I didn’t have to worry about the glasses falling off the top of my head as I bent over, or getting scratched in a pocket or pack."
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