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Dawn. You open your tent to an incredible view of the natural world around you. You feel energized and ready to continue your journey, but first it’s time to pack up camp. Although there’s not all that much to pack up; a portable camping stove, single three-season tent and a solar powered lantern all fit neatly into a 25L pack. Each item has a place in your bag and fulfills one if not multiple purposes on your journey. To us, that’s the essence of the “Pack Small. Live Big.” lifestyle.

Live the Pack Small. Live Big.® Life

You’ve put a lot of thought and preparation what you bring with you because you depend on each and every piece of gear. It’s more important to have a few pieces of high-quality essentials than a bulky pack full of things you might need but probably won’t use. This is the core idea behind our FL2 Micro-Rail System®.

  • American Innovation -Our patented micro-rail system allows Popticals to compact down in nearly half the size of other sunglasses, saving bag space and giving your glasses a safe storage place when not in use.
  • Sunglasses That Stay Safe in the Case™ - Rugged, hard-shell case keeps your sunglasses from getting scratched and broken safe trip after trip.

Why NYDEF™: Optics Matter.

Having the right eyewear is just as important as the right boots. You’ll be trekking through everything from covered trails to open fields, and eyes need protection from dawn till dusk. Through the technical sections of trail, being able to see the terrain with crystal clarity for secure footing is crucial. Plus, you didn’t come all this way just to squint at the gorgeous views. Optical performance matters when you depend on your gear, and enhances your experience for every step of the way.

  • World-Class Optics - You’ve spent countless hours preparing and training to reach the summit. We’ve worked with the same passion and dedication to create the best sunglasses worthy of your pack. When you’ve reached the peak, you can enjoy the view like never before through NYDEF™ lenses.
  • All-Around Protection - Popticals offer complete protection to your eyes and vision. UV400 protection filters out harmful UV rays on even the brightest days. Wrap-around design keeps you covered in any conditions. Ri-Pel® hydrobic and oleophobic coating manufactured by Carl Zeiss repels dirt, water and sweat for clear, undistorted vision.
"For me – packing light is essential. We cover a stretch of water, make camp and then move on down the river – the patented micro-rail system of Popticals allows me to collapse my glasses in the palm of my hand and fit them in a hard-shell plastic protective case that can bounce around in the bottom of my boat and not do any damage to my glasses. We like to call it packing small and living BIG on our adventures." Greg Hatten, Professional River Guide and Outdoorsman
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