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Lens Technology

World Class Optics

Popticals are built using some of the most advanced high-performance lenses on the planet. Made with nylon lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, our lenses are lighter, have greater clarity, and cause less visual distortion than polycarbonate lenses. Polarized UV400 lenses give you complete protection from harmful ultraviolet light while eliminating glare for enhanced vision. The lenses are scratch and impact resistant, acting as protective windshields for your eyes. The final addition of the Ri-Pel hydrophobic coating repels all water, oil and dust ensure Popticals give you the clearest distortion-free vision possible.

Premium Nylon Lenses

Unique Materials for Unmatched Performance.

Nylon lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision provide a new level of quality and performance to the world of sunglasses. Nylon has an incredibly high material pureness, causing less light correction and a greater overall clarity when compared to polycarbonate. Our lenses also have half the rate of chromatic aberration (wavelength dispersion caused by the lenses) which can create blurring or ‘color fringing’ of the objects.

Our ultralight nylon lenses are 18% lighter than polycarbonate for a comfortable difference you can feel as soon as you pick them up. Combined with our low density Grilamid TR 90® frames, Popticals achieve an amazingly light weight that’s suited for extended use.

Despite being some of the lightest, clearest lenses on the market, our lenses are also really, really tough. The flexible nylon material gives them outstanding durability and prevents cracks often seen in polycarbonate lenses. Added scratch and impact-resistant layers ensure your eyes are safe and your vision is kept free of distortion.


Eliminates Glare for Enhanced Vision.

Glare, or light reflected off of horizontal surfaces can easily obscure your vision and strain your eyes. Our polarized lenses use a specialized filter to eliminate virtually all glare by blocking out horizontally reflected light before it ever reaches your eyes. This allows you to see with enhanced contrast, distortion-free color, and crystal clear vision without squinting. Popticals polarized lenses provide a number of sport-specific advantages as well as excellent overall vision for any outdoor activity. Polarization can help hikers and joggers see paths in front of them more clearly, allow fishermen to see below the surface of the water, and gives golfers a better view to survey the course.

UV400 Protection

Complete UV Protection

Our lenses provide UV400 protection to filter out 100% of the sun's harmful rays. Ultraviolet light rays are measured in nanometers (or nm). Harmful UV light comes in the form of UVB rays with a wavelength of 280-315nm, and UVA rays with wavelengths of 315-400nm. The UV400 light filtration in each of our lenses blocks UV light up to 400nm in length, offering complete protection from both types of harmful UV radiation. Combined with the wrap-around style that blocks stray light from entering through the sides, Popticals offer superior eye protection. UV400 protection is of the utmost importance for who spend time outdoor as exposure due to improper eyewear or no eyewear at all can cause irreversible damage to the eyes.

RI-PEL® Lens Technology

Repels Water, Oil Dirt and Dust.

Ri-Pel® is a hydrobic and oleophobic technology manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision that gives our lenses the ability to completely repel water, oil, and dust. Your vision will never be compromised by sweat, dirt, sunscreen and other substances that typically smear on sunglasses. The lenses are also anti-smudge, making them resistant to fingerprints and incredibly easy to wipe clean. This lens technology is ideal for active outdoor activities such as fishing, biking, golfing, hiking, or skiing where it’s critical to keep your vision free of obstructions. The Ri-Pel® lens treatment is added as a coating to the lenses instead of as a topical treatment that can rub off over time. This ensures long-lasting performance and durability, even in the most extreme conditions.

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