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Greg Hatten is a freelance writer, river runner, wooden boat builder, outfitter and fly fishing guide in the state of Oregon. In 2014 Greg was part of an international team of river runners who replicated the famous Grand Canyon trip of 1964 which was instrumental in saving the Grand Canyon from two dams that would’ve buried it under water (Marble Canyon Dam and Bridge Canyon Dam). Greg built and rowed the replica “Portola” on that trip which was Martin Litton’s first Grand Canyon dory. His passion for wood drift boats, the McKenzie River in Oregon, and the art of fly fishing keep Greg guiding and outdoors season after season. On every trip, each piece of gear he carries must make meet his extremely high standards to make the cut.

Why Greg Chooses Popticals:

"When I put sunglasses under my microscope, Popticals is my eyewear of choice. It’s the only brand I’ve found that provides superior performance, great protection and folds down so small that it actually fits in the palm of my hand. My pocket space is always at a premium. I never have enough of it. And while most sunglass cases are getting bigger and bulkier, it's nice to have a compact little case that easily fits in a shirt pocket or jacket and takes up very little room. My Popticals case has bounced around in the bottom of my boat, bounced off of rocks around the river, rattled around in the cab of my truck and has kept my glasses safe."
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