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Frame Technology

World-Class Design and Premium Quality

Our frames are designed from the ground-up for performance. Using industry-leading Swiss Grilamid TR 90® material, each pair is carefully engineered, built, and hand finished by our expert design team in Italy. The secure wrap around design is complimented by the extremely light weight of the Grilamid TR 90® material for a comfortable fit suited for extended use. Our frames are also incredibly flexible, giving them long-lasting durability.

Designed and Handcrafted in Italy

An Eye for Detail and Superior Quality.

Popticals are proudly designed and masterfully crafted in Italy. Our initial designs are hand-shaped by skilled and artful prototypers for a truly unique style. After being refined, precision molds are created specifically to shape our Grilamid TR 90® frame material. Each pair is then assembled, painted and finished by hand with a keen eye for detail. The result is a beautiful final product that’s as eye catching as it is innovative.

Swiss Grilamid TR 90®

Strong, Lightweight Supermaterial.

Lightweight, transparent plastics commonly used for sunglasses look and feel great, but aren’t tough enough to provide high performance and durability. Unlike other thermoplastics, Grilamid TR 90® utilizes the strength of a semi-crystaline polyamide for excellent durability while remaining lightweight and transparent enough to be colored in an infinite variety of visually stunning ways.

Flexible Durability

Built To Bend, Not To Break.

Grilamid TR 90’s® strength comes from it’s flexibility. Stress cracks are the most common form of damage in sunglass frames. Thanks to its chemical structure and dynamic loading capacity, Grilamid TR 90 is highly resistant to stress cracking.

Plastics used in sunglasses typically experience surface weathering over time due to sunlight, moisture and other environmental elements. Grilamid TR 90® is extremely resistant to weathering and will stand up to long-term outdoor usage and extreme climatic conditions.

Ultra Lightweight

Less Weight For A More Comfortable Fit.

With a remarkably low density, Grilamid TR 90® is lightest engineering plastic on the planet. Grilamid TR 90® is around 16% less dense than other polymers such as polycarbonate while remaining transparent and durable. Combined with our nylon lenses, Popticals are incredibly light and exceptionally comfortable to wear. During long runs, all-day fishing trips, or extended use doing anything outdoors, a lighter weight makes for a more comfortable experience.

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