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Caleb is a competitive mid-distance trail runner. He is currently focused on setting his sights on more competitive mountain running along with his new love of adventure racing in hopes to bring a competitive team to the USARA Adventure Racing National Championship. Caleb is passionate about sharing the outdoors with others along with giving the opportunity to those less fortunate that may never get to experience the true bliss of being active and outside.

Why Caleb Chooses Popticals

"With being on-the-go most of the time I need to ensure I have the equipment required for another successful adventure and my Popticals fit every aspect of that! No matter what I find myself doing outside my Popstars from Popticals always rise to the occasion. My Popstars embrace everything I desire out of sunglasses and so much more being that they are light enough to where I don’t feel "bogged down", strong and flexible enough for any adventure along with "bomb-proof" lenses, and of course the coolest part to me is the FL2 micro-rail system® allowing the glasses to be stowed in their custom-made durable case that is half the size of what standard glasses can be. The team at Popticals have the right recipe for protecting your eyes while protecting your adventure. To just call these "sun-glasses" though would be an understatement...these are POPTICALS!"
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