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Adventure Racer

Brian Holzhausen is the director of DINO, a trail run, mountain bike, XTERRA & adventure race event organizer based in Indiana, as well as a seasoned adventure racer. Brian has directed three of USARA Adventure Race National Championships, as well as being a finisher of dozens of adventure races, including five USARA National Championships. Acting as lead navigator for his team, he is a four-time USARA Regional Champion. Outside of adventure racing, Brian has achieved over 200 triathlon finishes on- and off-road, including two Ironman finishes, several 50k trail runs and various endurance cycling and running events.

Why Brian Chooses Popticals:

"Popticals are ideal for adventures that span day and night. I have lost or damaged several pair of sunglasses over the years when I had them off my face and tried to carry them various ways. Popticals take just a few seconds to pack away in a tiny, tough case. During adventure races, I have a zipper pouch on my shoulder strap where they fit perfectly. I know they will be there and will be un-damaged when I need them again. The optical clarity is as good as other high end sunglasses, and having the polarized lenses is great for canoe sections of an adventure race."
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